The International Scientific Conference
"Archeology and Culture of the Islamic World in the expanses of Eurasia"

FSAEI HE "Southern federal university"

Institute of History and International Relations

SBIC RR "Azov Historical, Archaeological and Paleontological Museum-Reserve"

SBIC "National Museum of Republic of Tatarstan" Национальный музей Республики Татарстан

FSBSI FSC "Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

Fayoum University, Arab Republic of Egypt

Dear colleagues,
We are glad to invite you to participate in
The International Scientific Conference
"Archeology and Culture of the Islamic World in the expanses of Eurasia",
dedicated to the 1300 anniversary of the Islamization of the North Caucasus, which will be held in Rostov-on-Don and Azov on May 10−12, 2023.
The purpose of the conference is to expand contacts and deepen cooperation between specialists from different regions of Russia, near and far abroad to study and present the cultural heritage of the Islamic world.

The following topics are proposed for consideration:
• Archaeology of the Islamic World;
• Islamic culture and tradition;
• Written tradition and epigraphy of Islamic countries;
• Islam and nomads of the Eurasian steppes;
• Eurasian steppes as a contact zone of cultures and religions;
• The heritage of Islam in museum collections.

Employees of museums, educational and scientific institutions of Russia, near and
far abroad interested in studying the collections of the Islamic world are invited to participate. The working languages of the conference are Russian and English. The conference will be held in a hybrid format.
Please send an application for participation in the conference simultaneously with a brief summary of the report in English in MS Word format, no more than 1000 characters with spaces by February 28, 2023 to the e-mail address of the conference organizing committee: